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Remaining within the confines of home in the days of lockdown due to Corona pandemic, I got an opportunity for self-introspection. When the doors of the home were closed, another door opened inside. In the days of being busy with the affairs of the outside world I forgot many realities that could create compulsions in our life. We are born free. We are habituated in remaining free devoid any restriction. The present restriction imposed by the emergence of corona virus suddenly made me remember the sweetness of freedom we had only a little while ago which mostly we took for granted.


As the days passed by I was habituated remaining within the home. As if every extended activity was our choice and not always required. Looking inside the self, I could define the world differently. A beautiful world around us was lost in the race of modern human society. The very own world of ours started being alien to us. Series of thoughts buried inside started being expressed in the screen of mind. This is a gift of corona to me and to the entire humanity. It gave us an opportunity to look within ourselves only to embrace the realities of our vulnerability to the environment we live in. That is the reason the title of the book is decided as “NAMASTE CORONA”. “NAMASTE” is a greeting with folded hands with respect and welcome.

This book is a compilation of compelling thoughts stimulated within because of changed mind set. It dwells upon various aspects of life which includes our relationship with the universe and the creator, the roots of happiness in life and the factors in life that are instrumental in achieving success in life. It will change the attitude of people towards a better life.
The book is available in two formats:- The kindle book is available at:
For other countries it can be searched by writing: “NAMASTE CORONA by swadesh Chakrabarty”
The print book is available at: AMAZON.IN
For any queries or for getting the book from the author directly please contact at: 9818635599.


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