NLP Coaching

Through NLP, a human mind technology, we help people to achieve their personal or professional goals. Through NLP mind and wellness coaching, we work together with our clients to discover the ways and means required to achieve accomplishments in their life through a thoughtful process and inspire them to take actions in their life.

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Swadesh Chakrabarty is an acclaimed motivational speaker. He is motivating people and helping them acquire practical knowledge of soft skills to deal with human beings at every walk of life. He is a NLP trainer and NLP coach conducting training programs to empower people in managing their lives. He is a Reiki Master/Trainer and Pranic Healer for the last three decades. He has developed various NLP modules in the area of NLP workshops for Wellness, StudentsNLP, NLP in relationships, Corporate Excellence, NLP in Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Weight Management, NLP for trainers, NLP after retirement etc. He is author of books on soft skills and meditation. He has developed meditation module for helping people to achieve happiness and well being.